Welcome to the Law Specialization Wiki


Law is an incredibly expansive field that requires some degree of specialization from its practitioners. Many lawyers today are specialists, although many General Practitioners are still hard at work. There are trial lawyers, civil rights lawyers, environmental lawyers, intellectual property lawyers and many others. This wiki was created to aid present and future law students in America in making this critical decision. Because of the differences in American legal education from those used in other nations, users from outside the States should be warned that information presented here may not apply in their nation’s law schools.

This wiki is broken into five main sections. The first is a general overview of important information to consider when choosing a specialization, as well as a basic outline of how most schools handle the process of declaring a concentration. The remaining four sections are brief analyses of four different specializations. They are: intellectual property, civil rights, international and environmental law.

If you are not interested in those meager four specializations out of dozens to choose from, don’t leave quite yet. The resources that were used to create this wiki are all linked here for your convenient use. These sources contain much of the information needed to research your own choice. In addition, it may be helpful for you to look the same criteria used on this wiki in your own search.

Finally, if you feel you have something to contribute here based on your own experience or research, please be encouraged to post it. This wiki is free to anyone to update—all you need is a wikispaces account.

A Note about the Resources

The resources used here are all electronic. This was done to allow you to visit them directly from the wiki. Online sources are also much quicker to update. The downside is that they may be unreliable. Part of the aim of this wiki’s resource pages is to evaluate that reliability. It should go without saying that there are plenty of good print sources.